Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Pub crawl with a pig

I left for Spain on the 28th of December with the intentions of spending NYE with the fam and indulging in a rather quirky seasonal pastime. I was told that in a nearby town called Betanzos they had a tradition of getting complete pissed, buying a pig and taking it around to all the pubs and clubs. Fan-tastic I thought as I was putting on my best whistle and getting ready to hit the town on that feitful eve.
It turned out that what the whole evening entailed was going out at about 2am drinking to the point that not only do you sound like dickhead but you look like one too and then eventually making your way to Betanzos. The plan was to go there at around 10am and go to a farming fair where you can buy pigs, goats, chickens, ducks and even cows. I already feared being the drunken bastard that puts a 2000€ fully grown cow on his credit card and had to find a way of getting rid of it at 10pm the next night.
luckily or unluckily we never made it there, at noon the next day we were still in a club and I was left with what remained of my cousins and there friends, those of whom hadn't already gone home with there respective girlfriends or been glassed in a fight.
I opened up the paper the next day to find all sorts of pig related pub-fun goings on.

Pretty gutted.

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